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Tue 04/28/2009
Still Questioning
Topic: Holocaust

"Was I wrong?" Livia asked, now 70 years afterward, as she stood before one of many audiences she has addressed all over the world.  Perhaps I read her wrong, but I had a sense she wasn't just trying to spark some decision.  The question seemed to come from an unresolved insecurity.

At the age of 6, when their Hungarian oppressors had put out a decree that all Jews should wear the yellow star on EVERY single garment they wore, this little girl quietly rebelled.  She wasn't going to play their game!  Yet every other member of her family--all of them older-- did.

Livia did wear the stars to school, but would walk as close to the buildings as possible so her star wouldn't be readily visible to the public.  From the moment of the decree until they were put into train cars seven years later, Livia chose to give up many of the joys of her childhood and to isolate herself in her home, the only place where a star was not required. 

"How would YOU feel?"  she asked the audience, in an attempt to get us to formulate a reply to the first question.  "I felt so ashamed," she continued.

Soon, very timidly, some on the lower section began to raise their hands and to speak.  They could understand why a little girl would make such a choice.

I raised my hand, too far away and perhaps too late for her to acknowledge practically.  So I may never find a way to say what I wanted to say.  It is this:  "Livia, you were courageous and making a choice to be different in a way that hurt you, but made a statement to the world through your testimony today!"  That's the life of a rebel.  Whether through a hunger strike or a decision not to follow along with the obedient.  I'm sorry for what it cost you, but I thank you for your courage."

Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 8:48 AM CDT

Sat 09/19/2009 - 7:01 AM CDT

Name: "Renae C."

Hey there - I have opened up the comments.  You might add a blurb in the post for Sunday about welcoming them or something.  I also think I turned on the RSS feed, where people can sign up if they want and be notified when there is a new post.  Not exactly what you were asking for, but it's something.

You should get email notification when you get a comment.  Then to reply - you just post another comment of your own.

I also turned on the alphabet verification to keep the spam down.  You'll see it when you make a comment - you have to type in the letters that appear so that the tool knows you are a real person.


Sat 09/19/2009 - 9:51 PM CDT

Name: "renae"

Not sure how this works, Renae.  I did come in and find your comment, but got a screen that says 'leave a comment" when I his reply to comment.  Seems a little strange to me.  If I didn't know you, I'd now have your e-mail, and might not have your name in order to reply.

I'm not sure if this reply goes into the comment list for others to view or if it's just a private way of replying ????  Sorry I'm so confused.

 Think I'll just send out info to a mailing list when I am feeling more comfortable with it all.

 Still not getting e-mail saying that I have a comment.

 Thanks again.


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