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Sun 10/26/2008
Understanding Grace
Topic: spirituality


Ron and I had supper with a great friend last night.  He's a survivor who also happens to be a very spiritually-minded Quaker minister.  In the course of our free-flowing conversation, he mentioned a survivor to whom he had been a support person for several years. 

Sadly, he'd recently received word of her sudden, untimely death from natural causes.  The one who informed him commented that the woman had, sadly, never been able to experience the grace of God.

To which my friend replied that he rejoiced that she was, at least, now experiencing the grace that God had been trying to extend to her all of her life.  That's how he understands grace.  I thought that was beautiful, yet can only be comprehended by a small percentage of people.

May the grace and peace that comes from deep within, connected to the higher power that you understand today, be yours.  Thereby connecting you to a great, universal spirituality that is beyond comprehension for all of us.

Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 8:32 AM CDT

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