Hear Bette Rod's Rally Song

In 1995, the voices of Bette and David Rod served as a balm to hundreds of survivors at The Linkup, an organization made up largely of survivors, and often thrivers, who had been searching for ways to cope with the heavy burdens of having nowhere to go with their stories about being sexually abused as minors by priest perpetrators. The Rod's, like the Miller's and numerous other advocates who had encountered collusion in Protestant circles, were there to bind the wounds, through the comfort of song, starting with the theme song Bette had written just for this occasion. Don't Let Them Take Your Life Away


Bette Rod is a long-time friend with a gentle spirit. She is a caring nurse and one of the most empathetic people I've ever met. That adds to delivery of the many songs she has on her CD, Pieces. A portion of each song is available for download from the site.

This Rally Song was written during and after a small ecumenical survivor retreat that Bette and I attended. In fact, as the group worked together, struggling with the many issues we were facing, some us contributed a few words here and there to convey some ideas for another song found on the CD, called "I'm No Longer a Victim" (No. 15 on the CD). Even before the CD was out, Bette and her husband Dave sung the Rally Song together at a national Linkup Conference, attended by about 200 survivors and advocates, back in 1995. I was privileged to be there for that spine-tingling presentation, as well.

The two of them have also written "A Song for Peace," adopted by the World Council of Churches for the 2004 Decade to Overcome Violence. Sadly, I cannot locate the music or further info on this song anywhere on the Web now. If anyone has a copy, please email Dee Ann Miller

For much more on the struggles that Bette and others have had faced because of abusive clergy, see Miller's site www.takecourage.org