Lord, how long shall the wicked triumph?....How long shall they utter and speak harsh things?....

They break into pieces thy people....Yet they say: "The Lord shall not see!" (Psalm 94:3-7)

Dee Miller


Do you think that abuse is the worst thing that can happen to anyone? "No Way!" say most survivors!!

Collusion is far worse, in most cases, especially when the perpetrators are members of the clergy. Yet, unless you've lived through such horrors, chances are this comes as a surprise to you.

It may be difficult to understand why collusion could possibly be greater in the faith community than in the larger society. Yet it is. You see, the very tools that should be used for good are, instead, used to spiritually abuse and oppress those who are already trodden down!

Since 1993, I've been using my professional skills, as a writer, speaker, and psychiatric/mental health nurse, to raise awareness on these issues. I've woven into my work insights from having spent more than the six full decades of my life as a member of clergy households, as well as the horrific experience of encountering collusion first-hand, in the most unlikely place that most people can imagine (ie. in missionary circles in the heart of Africa). In a story that involved at least two adolescent victims, as well as adults! See The Power of One Story

This site is dedicated to all messengers--survivors, friends and family, as well as professionals--who have been "shot" because of the DIM thinking (Denial, Ignorance, and Minimization) of people who would prefer to protect perpetrators, blaming the victims, while ignoring the safety issues and damage already done to individuals and to the integrity of religious institutions by perpetrators and colluders in denial.

While the articles largely address the problems of clergy sexual and domestic abuse in Christian settings, the same principles of collusion occur in all institutions and professions, including almost all families where abuse has occurred. They apply to all faith groups, as well.

I am available to universities, as well as seminaries and denominational conferences, to speak on the subject of collusion with ALL forms of sexual and domestic violence. The more we know, the more we can prevent the heartaches that come in the aftermath of abuse.

An Exceptional Story shows that persistence can produce a positive outcome.

Through these gifts, I hope you will find comfort, inspiration, and empowerment, enabling you to join me in seeking ways to thaw the iceberg of collusion, while effectively coping with the things we cannot change at the present time.

Dee Ann Miller, RN, BS

author of How Little We Knew: Collusion and Confusion with Sexual Misconduct and The Truth about Malarkey. See Books

member of the Advisory Council of Advocate Web, an extensive, award-winning advocacy site

and recipient of the Elaine V. Shaw Advocacy Award from Associates in Prevention and Education in Pastoral Practice. See