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Sat 01/05/2013
The Power of Humor
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My father's family left me with a sense of humor that has served me quite well in the lowest points of my life.  Not that I always access it when I need it.  I wish I had the gift of Dad's generation to laugh and cry almost simultaneously.  Mine is very weak, compared to my uncle's sense of humor.  Uncle Jack is the only one of that generation left. 

How I'd love to interject more of it into my writing, allowing other to laugh at the absurdity of things like denial. 

Last week, I ran across another writer who does exactly that.  Chances are she's making a good living at it, too, since she not only writes but shares her humor as a speaker. 

Rather than spend years in analysis, Loretta LaRoche says she uses humor "to break through the irrational thoughts" that come from what others have implanted in her mind. 

In her book Relax--you may only have a few minutes left, she suggests we pretend that we are driving a bus, with our parents, teachers, coaches, bosses, ministers and all those people who have filled us with irrational thoughts just filling up the seats of the bus.  The driver can take them wherever she wants to, with they as captive audience. 

Try it!  And split your sides laughing as you do!

Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 8:22 PM CST

Wed 01/23/2013 - 6:44 PM CST

Name: "Molly Kirk"

Thanks for this one.  The very thought of that bus made me laugh out loud!  

By the way, it was one of those huge articulated buses..the kind with a hinge in the middle coupling two cars. Lots of irrationality in me!

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