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Thu 10/30/2008
The Exclusion Law
Topic: Aliens

Back to the World War II treatment of people of Japanese descent.....

I love to study the journeys of oppressed people.  They stand as warnings to me, as one of the privileged who didn't go through some particular type of oppression.  Or as one who has known plenty of oppression myself.  Either through personal infliction of persecution or discrimination.  Or because I have witnessed it up close because of my connections with others who have. 

A couple of days ago, I wrote something that wasn't true in this blog.  The people in this story were NOT Japanese-Americans.  That's what their ancestors may be called today if they stayed and became American citizens.  These people, back in the 1940's, unlike other immigrants who had come to America, were victims of an unjust law.  It was an anti-Asian exclusion law.  It was based on paranoia and bigotry--two factors that often go hand in hand, as I'm sure you've noticed.

What arrogance!  Bringing to mind some current issues in American policy today.  Including heavy-handed treatment of people who are "profiled" so that they give up rights that the rest of us have, because of their association or religion or race. 

Clara Breed inspires us to befriend the oppressed and persecuted, in our speech and actions, whenever possible, refusing to rush to judgment.   She reminds us to see the souls of the sufferers, not so that we can convert them but in order to comfort and protect the freedoms of all concerned.

Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 8:27 AM CDT

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