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Thu 10/23/2008
The Scales of Justice
Topic: Power

To cast my early vote, I went to our county courthouse.  Inside is a statue of the familiar "lady" holding the scales of justice.  Impressive, spanning two floors over the staircase that many people have walked on their way to the courtrooms.  Filled with hope.  Or dread.   Some have exited in handcuffs, escorted to prison.  Others have smiled at the "lady" before departing, I'm sure.  Some family members have wept.  Others have shouted. 

As I stood waiting for the elevator, my eyes weren't drawn to the "lady."  Instead I focused on the scales.   Thinking how often they are weighted by cultural beliefs, before judicial processes even start.  Beliefs that blame the victim or convict the accused before there is a chance to even start the hearings.  What a tricky, daunting, seemingly impossible task it is for those of us who are not God to ever hope of achieving a perfect balance!  What a contrast between the beauty of this lovely "lady" and the ominous, yet very fragile,  scales she held in her hands!

Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 12:01 AM CDT
Updated: Tue 10/21/2008 8:16 AM CDT

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