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Mon 10/20/2008

When I was in North Carolina a few years ago, one lady gave me more encouragement than anyone there.  She was the one who told me not to worry for one minute about further coordinating a speaking engagement in Raleigh.  She said this within 60 seconds of getting her on the phone, as soon as she heard I was coming there on a speaking tour.  She assured me that she knew the people who would be most interested and would see that they were assembled at Meredith College, a renowned women's college in the city.  She did!

Laura Hilton is with Interact, an organization that is about working for oppressed people.  One of it's primary concerns is sexual and domestic violence.  Laura happens to African-American. 

Interact is asking us to get involved in supporting their organization, as well as a cause for which they are working.  So I'm passing this along to you.   It only take 60 seconds!

 For every Interact friend who visits between now and Friday, Oct. 24, Allscripts will donate $3 to us, up to a possible total donation of $10,000!

Now, $3 may not sound like much but if every one of our supporters were to visit the website and watch the 1-minute video, it would amount to a sizable donation.  And, it’s a race between us and four other Triangle charities to get the most viewers and capture the largest donation. 

So please go now to, leave your name (no other information is necessary), select Interact
, and watch the video called “Connect to Health.” The video humorously describes a key problem with healthcare today – the lack of connectivity between doctors, hospitals, labs and other parts of the system.  And it spells out the solution.

Share this email with your friends and acquaintances … send it to your colleagues and family.  When you forward this message, try not to include more than 25 addresses at a time to avoid your message ending up in Spam or Junk folders. Every viewing represents $3 more towards building our financial strength, so we can continue to provide great services to the community.

Now go watch the video!  J

Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 8:51 AM CDT

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