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Mon 09/15/2008

Leslie Van Gelder really has me thinking, doing some soul-searching.  She talks about her experience in the wilderness--literally in the wilderness--and how this relates to our personal processes of individuation.

A few people are comfortable in any wilderness, she says, because of life experience.  In fact, they quickly convert what others see as "wilderness" into the "wild life" place of refuge.  I certainly haven't gotten to that point yet, but would love to be there.  She says such people quickly are able to turn wildernesses into a habitation for wild life and humans together.  Translating that into the unknown things over which we have little or no control, but still maintain a high degree of comfort, so that we co-exist with the unpredictable and very quickly integrate that into our lives, almost seamlessly.

It dawned on me recently that the people I have the most difficulty relating to, in all the world, are those who have an extremely low tolerance for the wilderness.  Maybe that's because I am quickly perceived as BEING the "wild" one to most people.  My husband says I scare a lot of folks to death. 

Maybe so.  Maybe I don't care most days, if it means having to give up my own comfort as much as it seems I have to.  If I sound a little conflicted and confused, you are reading me right--at least for the moment.  Sorting is SUCH hard work, even in the "wild."

Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 3:11 PM CDT

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