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Sun 09/14/2008
Life in the Wild
Topic: coping

Been reading some about life in the wild lately.  Not just the actual areas where wildlife abounds in our world.  Also, about the rich experience of living where few people live because of life's choices.

It occurred to me yesterday that one has to be very alert to live in the wilderness, where everything is unknown and people are definitely not in control.  The wilderness is where nothing is predictable, and all we can do is move by faith and a hope that there will be something that will allow us to at least survive the raw elements.

According to Leslie Van Gelder, in her new book WEAVING A WAY HOME, life in the wild isn't the same as the wilderness.   "The Wild" is where others have gone, but it's still untamed territory.  There is much to learn and explore there, yet we have a better idea how to survive. 

Some of you have lived in the wilderness, as I have--a spiritual wilderness, that is.  Where few survive for long.  Maybe you have found your way into the wild, where there is a little more comfort due to experience, so that it is beginning to feel like home.

Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 1:37 PM CDT

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