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Wed 07/30/2008
Giving Up Childhood
Topic: Making Changes

In talking about the culture of the priesthood, Doyle stated (regarding people who believe the myths that create the aura):  "They do not want to give up their childhood." 

The same could be said about all of us at times.  I would prefer to live in idealism.  Or in the other ditch, where I see monsters in everything and try to figure out how to avoid them.  It's just too complicated to think that I have to be responsible while constantly sorting out what I need to do in order to act responsibly. 

In a sense, we have to be "like little children," as Jesus spoke of.  Living with enough faith to keep pressing on to higher things, with a sense of wonder at what is new.  Welcoming the new into our lives and having the courage to keep exploring.

All while having the wisdom to trust ourselves to find the resources that we need, within ourselves or in our world, to make decisions in a responsible way.  I believe that's the recipe for living in faith, peace, and joy.  As a growing piece of creation.  Regardless of our age.


Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 12:01 AM CDT

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