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Sun 07/27/2008
Waking Up Means Growing Up

Thomas Doyle reminds us that when we are spiritually assaulted, it is painful.  Yet spiritual assault also wakes us up.  Of course, this is true unless we choose to immediately go back to sleep and fail to acknowledge that we've been assaulted. 

It takes time to wake up from deep sleep.  Especially the deep sleep that occurs when one is just going through the motions of religion, blindly following people who may be in deep sleep themselves!

As Thomas seems to see things now--and he's quick to say that nobody else has to see it the way he does--the "spirituality" that is held by priests (and those who follow blindly) needs to go.  People need to wake up.  Or grow up.  It's one and the same.

Problem is that people do not want to give up their childhood.  That sounds a lot like some of the words of Paul, back in New Testament days, when people were already corrupting the message of Jesus and going back to the simpler, more convenient way of spiritual immaturity. 

Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 12:01 AM CDT

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