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Wed 12/05/2007
The Scariest Opportunity
Topic: Stained Glass

"Kids are such a study in conflict and comparison and contrast.  Raising them is an adventure I’m sure I’m not prepared for.  It’s a scary, scary thing."   That's a quote from a good friend and survivor with two youngsters. 

Even for people who have the "luxury" of living a boring life, people who seem to have been born with everything in order, a silver spoon in their psychological makeup, with parents who had the same.   People who know just where they are going or not going, so that nothing much ever has to change except for death and taxes.  The latter over which we have little control at all, the former we just may be able to forestall for years with healthy living.

You probably have already discovered that I don't think a boring life is much of a luxury. It may provide some stability for kids, provided it's in a stable location.  Yet I'm not sure those kids are prepared for many real challenges. 

The problem with abuse and violence is that it comes from outside.  Unless we are the abusers.  So, as parents, we aren't creating challenges that have the potential for learning and growth.  Or at least we are challenged in trying to do that as others are creating challenges that have the potential to destroy us or our loved ones. 

Recently one of my readers asked for guidance on just how to navigate all of this, in regard to the church and spiritual growth of children.  That's an area that may create conflict with a spouse.  Or just internal conflict, as you compare the situation of your offspring, having to deal with the extra burden (or maybe it's the extra opportunity) that comes when you have found the courage to stand up to things that are far from okay. 

While thinking on these things, may I remind you that you are leading your children in a potentially positive way and in a very spiritual exercise, as role models, by choosing not to be so boring yourself. 

Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 12:01 AM CST
Updated: Thu 12/06/2007 7:41 AM CST

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