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Mon 11/19/2007
Destructive Theology
Topic: Aliens

Did you know that the KKK taught that Jesus died to redeem whites!! That is symbolized in the Blood Drop Patch that was adopted in 1965. It showed a white cross, with a drop of blood over it. Jesus blood, they said. Talk about a twisting of theology to sway masses to accomplish one’s goals! Goals that were to destroy others, too.

Who were the enemies to the KKK? I should say who ARE the enemies because the KKK still is very much alive and “well,” one chapter even operating here in the state of Iowa.

I thought the enemy would be people of color. Yet it seems that the identified enemy changes with time. In 1915, they were all immigrants, as well as all Catholics and Jews. While I haven’t researched the exact profile of the enemies today, I’d guess that they would include Hispanics, especially in Iowa where entire established communities have been “taken over” by these immigrants who have come here, as in many other locales, to do work that most whites wouldn’t think of doing.








Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 12:01 AM CST

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