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Mon 11/05/2007
The Value of Dreaming
Topic: Power

Recently, I was delighted to find a message from a very dear friend who is a survivor of collusion after discovering evidence of abuse on the church computer of a very conservative United Methodist church.  I was privileged to walk with Amy during those days of horror and loss.

Like many mainline denominations today, there is plenty of politics going on surrounding the issues of what is really downright fundamentalism, pulling on the right.   All while those on the far left are pulling the other direction.  In this case, those issues were probably a part of the reason for the collusion.  Not to justify the collusion at all, just to understand how complex it can be to understand the "justification" for it, often an unspoken agenda on top of the more common agenda.

So the bishop played politics, despite the persistence and great concern of my good friend Amy, in the city that has been the hub of so much of this work (ie. Chicago).   Of course, Amy had power that the bishop did not, in a sense.  Just not power to get anything done.  She had the power of the story. 

While having a scary story to tell may be a great thing on Halloween, it's not a good thing at all if the story is about the church.  Especially not if you are speaking TO political powers in the church!  That's more like a Queen Esther story, except the queen had more of a hearing.

OK, back to my delightful e-mail.  Amy wrote:

"I dreamt that you had a hotel/retreat place, an older building that you had cleaned up, painted and fixed up quite nice - and it was so booked that people had to wait to get in! There was a good positive energy and spirit there that I sensed with you and all the people there." 

Well, it was a nice dream, except I'm not sure I liked the fixing up part.  Done enough of that on our old house to last a lifetime lately.  For now, this blog has to be the closest to the gathering she describes.  It's practical, and I trust is being read by more than a few people who have a positive energy and spirit.

Dreams are powerful.  For warming our spirits.  For getting us to think outside the box.  For giving us vision.  They are great, as long as we realize that they ARE dreams that may never be realized, just fun to entertain as we move forward, creating new dreams and finding some of them fulfilled.

Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 12:01 AM CST
Updated: Mon 11/05/2007 7:26 AM CST

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