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Fri 11/02/2007
Topic: Power

Mphamvu is the Chichewa word for power.  It is used as the equivalent of our English word "strength," as well.  It usually speaks of a positive quality.  Like having the ability to do something because one is strong.

Power is a paradox.  It is possessed by politicians, but also by prophets.  At times, prophets are politicians, as well.  And politicians can have a strong prophetic voice. 

Either political or prophetic power is a strength that can be used for good.  To have power is to have an advantage.  Parents, care-givers, ministers and teachers all possess this.  Those who are trying to be the exceptional voice need our encouragement.

Next time you are talking with someone who isn't versed in concepts of power or a person who may be threatened by that word, perhaps you'll remember to talk about advantage, status, privilege, or responsibility or duty that is held because of a position that one holds.

Helping people see that they do have the strength to stand up and be counted--that's what will turn the tide so that the mis-use of power is arrested or challenged.  When you can do this, you too show strength and a creative power, no matter how small you are. 

Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 12:01 AM CDT

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