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Fri 10/05/2007
Your Stained Glass Story
Topic: Stained Glass

Sometimes I get discouraged as I see the stereotyping that seems to abound in some survivor groups. Truth is it is very difficult to find many statements that are universally a part of every story. Especially when it comes to reactions or outcomes. Some of you know that I am cautious about the words I use that might indicate that all lives are permanently “damaged” and that all survivors are “sick” or “wounded beyond hope of recovery.” There are just too many stories that show immense creativity and transcendence, even in the midst of the tremendous change and losses that are sustained through the storms of abuse.

There is a wonderful new site that brings hope of raising the consciousness of people of faith, especially clergy and church leaders, in regard to domestic violence.

No matter what your violation, no matter what your story, I hope that you will look at the general principles presented in the “stain glass story” that The Rave Project presents on it’s remarkable site:

I believe you’ll see yourself in a new Light. In turn, may you offer this Light and Hope to others.

Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 6:30 AM CDT

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