Other Advocacy Writing

As a follow-up to How Little We Knew, Dee Miller has had scores of articles about clergy sexual and/or domestic abuse published in a variety of other publications. Some are re-published on this site. Those that are not can be obtained through Dee or through the editor of the particular publication.

  • "Breaking the Silence"--Baptist Peacemaker, Winter, 1994.
  • "In the Spirit of Queen Esther"--In Search of HealingEditions 2 & 3.
  • 4 Columns from "Reconnections"--from the newsletter of Linkup, The Missing Link.published in 1994 and 1995.
  • "A Monumental Challenge"--from Southern Baptist Women in Ministry's Folio, Fall, 1995.
  • "Sexual Assault: Caring for Survivors"--The Journal of Christian Nursing, Spring, 1996. (Issue includes a book review of How Little We Knew by the editor.)
  • "Breaking the Silence: Confronting Clergy Sexual Abuse"--The Other Side, September/October, 1996.
  • "Let's Talk Straight about Clergy Sexual and Domestic Violence"--a document prepared especially for distribution at the 1996 conference on Violence sponsored by the Christian Life Commission of the Baptist General Convention of Texas.
  • "Just for the Brave"--a 35-page set of helps, providing comfort and validation to survivors from all faiths. Ends with an open letter to a survivor of clergy domestic violence.
  • "Where Do We Go From Here?"--a resource list for anyone attempting to address clergy sexual and domestic violence (no longer available since there are many other resources that are more thoroughly done since this was prepared)
  • "When the System Gets Sick?"--The Journal of Christian Nursing, Summer. 1997.

  • E-mail the author for assistance in finding any of the above work, as well as other resources, including information about survivor retreats, helpful professionals or advocates, recorded songs by a singing survivor and song-writer, or a quilted mural which has been used in advocacy work.


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