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Dee Ann Miller has written two books that address the issues of collusion in the faith community, in regard to abusive clergy. They are both in story form.

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The first, How Little We Knew, published in 1993, is well-known in the survivor community. It is Miller's first-person story.

The second, The Truth about Malarkey, published in 2000, is reality-based fiction. The composite characters are based on many readers who had already responded to the first book, thereby inspiring the novel.

You may order both books, for only $27.00 total. Price includes shipping within the USA or SURFACE shipping outside the USA. PLEASE contact the author for air mail shipping arrangements outside the USA.

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for a summary of How Little We Knew

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The Truth about Malarkey

This book is now available from the author only, by cash only, unless purchased in the above pkg. with How Little We Knew. For more information, contact the author.

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