Lessons in Patience

The following poem was written and sent to me by one of my dearest survivor- friends, a lady in Europe who speaks several languages fluently. She tells me that the title "Weltschmerz" is German for "pain of the world." What she says here applies to far more than the oppression of victims of abuse. Yet it applies perfectly. Thank you, Fiver, for teaching me the meaning of tears...........Dee Ann Miller

WELTSCHMERZ                      24.4.02

World ruled by dollar driven greed,
Polluters of this universe and Earth,
Intending to preserve the present situation!

Birdbrained white men in suits who do not heed
The increasing cries of Mother Earth,
Intending to preserve the rule of exploitation.

The tears of the abused, their hungry need
For human dignity now drench the earth,
Intending to be seen, yet only fuelling the indignation

of  arrogant suits, who march on to feed
Pot-bellied stomachs; Plund'ring the Earth
Their main concern, their main attraction.

One day those tears will speak and lead
Survivors to dry this sodden Earth,
Balance and Harmony healing the Nations….


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