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Dee Miller

Since 1993, writer Dee Ann Miller has been specializing in advocacy for the above audience through her two books:



She has also written scores of articles, many of which are re-published right here on this site, and can be easily accessed from the menu near the bottom of this page.

Since 1998, Miller has served on the Advisory Board of, a site offering a vast array of resources, for survivors and advocates, about sexual exploitation in all professions. See

Miller draws on decades of experience in psychiatric, mental health, and community health nursing, as well as almost six decades of living in clergy households. She herself is a survivor of sexual assault by a missionary colleague, who also abused adolescents. She and her family have experienced the devastation of collusion from colleagues, as well as leaders of the largest evangelical group in the world, the Southern Baptist Convention. This site offers encouragement and resources for ALL people who want to see change in how the faith community, regardless of denomination or religion, responds to its victims.

Some insist that there have already been big changes in attitudes. Miller does not agree. There HAVE been some big changes in policies and procedures. That's just the FIRST step, however. Implementing them effectively is another matter. Public education to bring about changes in attitudes toward victims of abuse and violence, in general, remains the greatest need. The next greatest is in getting the word out to congregants and the larger community, to hopefully prevent perpetrators from repeatedly finding opportunities to continue to abuse. Unfortunately, zero tolerance is rarely espoused by the majority of people within the community of faith. The preference is for erring on the side of "mercy" for those inside the Good Old Boy/Girl System. Dee's message remains consistent and straight-forward:


"The hourglass continues to be over-turned time and time again while leaders of the faith community lead us to believe that big changes are just around the corner. The stone-walling and backlashes continue, and I am reminded of the Scripture I memorized years ago, as a child: 'Lord, how long shall the wicked prosper? How long shall they utter and say harsh things? They break into pieces thy people....'"


To read more of Dee's insights, please select from the following menu:

  • What is Collusion?

  • Collusion--It's Really Just a Symptom

  • Striking Parallels and Contrasts--comparing family dynamics in substance abuse with the problem of collusion in churches

  • A Two-Fold Treatment Approach

  • Questions I'm Often Asked about Sexual Abuse
  • Speaking the Truth in Love (an article by Dee and her clergy husband Ron)
  • The Most Commonly Asked Question: "How Could She?"
  • It's Not Just Catholic Boys and Protestant Women
  • Lessons in Patience
  • Entire Series of Miller's 1995 Baptists Today Articles
  • Update on Personal Case and Lack of Progress with Southern Baptists
  • The Collusion Act of the Southern Baptists
  • A Tribute to My Husband
  • (NOTE: The remaining articles, with links below, are found on, a large site devoted to the issues of professional exploitation in all professions. You may return to, from any of these articles, by simply using your back button.)

  • Church Secrets We Dare Not Keep
  • Common Myths about Healing
  • Winning the Battle
  • Spiritual Issues
  • Of Special Interest to Southern Baptists
  • Seven Commandments for Survivors

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