Hear Bette Rod's Rally Song


Bette Rod is a long-time friend with a gentle spirit. She is a caring nurse and one of the most empathetic people I've ever met. That adds to delivery of the many songs she has on her CD, Pieces. A portion of each song is available for download from the site.

This Rally Song was written during and after a small ecumenical survivor retreat that Bette and I attended. In fact, as the group worked together, struggling with the many issues we were facing, some us contributed a few words here and there to convey some ideas for another song found on the CD, called "I'm No Longer a Victim" (No. 15 on the CD). Even before the CD was out, Bette and her husband Dave sung the Rally Song together at a national Linkup Conference, attended by about 200 survivors and advocates, back in 1995. I was privileged to be there for that spine-tingling presentation, as well.

The two of them have also written "A Song for Peace," adopted by the World Council of Churches for the 2004 Decade to Overcome Violence. Sadly, I cannot locate the music or further info on this song anywhere on the Web now. If anyone has a copy, please email Dee Ann Miller

For much more on the struggles that Bette and others have had faced because of abusive clergy, see Miller's site www.takecourage.org