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Thu 05/05/2016
It's All about the Future

I'm always encouraged by what younger people are doing in this work to fight collusion these days. There's plenty going on.  I'm trying to pull it all together, with a considerable piece of history, as well, for the largest writing project I've ever taken on.


So if you'll stand by, I'll be telling you much more in the days to come.  Meanwhile, please check out a page I helped my husband put together.


We are convinced, based on what we are seeing with young men standing up, that the next generation of activists will be filled with young men ready to stand alongside, even taking the lead in some ways, to fight gender-based violence and abuse in the most likely of all places.  Yet the place where we should see the leadership in this work:  the institutional church.


You'll find some organizations who share this belief through the above page. 


It's time we shattered Sunday morning silence, for starters.  



Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 4:21 PM CDT
Updated: Thu 05/05/2016 4:24 PM CDT

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