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Tue 01/17/2012
Still Believing
Topic: spirituality

"Don't stop believing" the song lyrics tell us.  Believing what?  That depends on who you are, where you've been, with whom you associate, and where you think you should be going. 

I believe everyone deserves a wonderful life.  I believe institutions and their leaders should be transparent.

In my earlier years, I naively believed that anyone who had attained power could be trusted--at least in the "almost perfect" world view that I believed was close to utopia.  I believed that there would always be a greater power to stop anyone who stepped outside the line very far.  If not another person, certainly God would stop them.

Enter reality..........

I still believe that most people can be trusted to do the right thing in ordinary situations. 

When it comes to power, I still believe that institutions and their leaders should be transparent. 

Now, in my old age, I also believe that neither  powerful people, nor the institutions they serve, can be trusted to be transparent. 

I believe we need powerful people.  We just need to have the courage to remind them that the world is doing all it can to make them transparent--especially reminding those who are fighting to see that it doesn't happen!

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Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 7:40 AM CST
Updated: Wed 01/18/2012 7:05 AM CST

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