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Sat 01/07/2012
Being Faithful with the Power You Have

Accept your place among power brokers.  Very likely, by the world's standards, you are somewhere in "middle management" when it comes to the amount of power you have.

Sound ridiculous?  It's not.  Just because you don't have the power of a great politician or a CEO, even if you have a job at the bottom of the totem pole, you still have power.   Not only power to speak to others, influencing how they think or may choose to exercise the power that they have. 

You also have resources to be shared with those of lesser power or to be used by those who are seeking ways to speak to greater power.  These resources can be in the form of tangible items.  Or....

Any money that you have is a form of power!  Every day that you spend OR withhold money, you are exercising power.  Most never think of it that way, but it's true.

Not only do you vote by how you choose to spend or save your money, which items to buy, what price you are willing to pay in order to have anything beyond bread and water, you exercise power in how you choose to show empathy or love to those in need.

Maybe you are so cautious, so fearful that somebody will take your money and mis-use it, that you hoard it away so that it does little good for you or anybody else.  An alternative is to become a penny-pincher so that you will have a few more dollars to give away.

You might consider looking carefully at places to be of influence, empowering others who are much less fortunate than you. is one place where I choose to exercise power through the important discipline of empowering people I will never meet.  What fun it is to make small loans to those who have little hope of seeing their dreams fulfilled, then to see the money come back to me to loan again to somebody else, spreading the power around.

As in so many ventures in my life, I've learned that when I take the risk of giving myself (ie. my power) away, the miracle of love just keeps coming back, making me realize how much power I do possess.

Yes, "being faithful with little" works to grow more power, preparing us to do more and more to change the world beyond ourselves, giving us such a sense of gratitude for being alive to take on even bigger tasks.



Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 8:13 AM CST

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