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Tue 03/25/2008
Being Reflective Rather than Reactive
Topic: Making Decisions

It is SO difficult for me to wait for a truth to be revealed, as I listen with empathy to the struggles of others.  I so much want to see things fixed, to see the student learn, to see the sick person find health and well-being, to help achieve a fast cure of an ill in society.  To see our institutions be something that the institution just can't possibly produce without a massive amount of work.  Because the problems that I see as so simple at times are really incredibly complex.

How I want to believe that my only speaking or writing the right words is going to produce something magical.  We are told that we can move mountains if we only have faith.  I really believe this is true--provided our faith is a mature faith, rather than one that sees a life and a theology that is constantly moving forward without regression. 

Our societies and out institutions, just as we as individuals, change very slowly at best.  Sometimes not at all.

So here we are again:  Praying for the wisdom to know the difference between what we can realistically change and what we cannot.  And being content to stand in the "tragic gap," even as we are in the process of sorting it out.


Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 12:01 AM CDT

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