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Fri 02/22/2008
New Toys Needed
Topic: Making Changes

The granddaughters reminded me over the weekend that they are outgrowing some of the toys.  It's true.  For the first time since we acquired the noisy Playschool train with it's shiny red track, back in the year 2000, I didn't hear it this visit.  The noise this time came from the wheels on the "shopping cart," sometimes turned into a "stroller," that were moving so fast across the wood floor upstairs that I went to investigate at one point.

The train will probably be among the things that get tossed in the next few weeks, before the three grandsons descend on our place, as we watch with a kid's delight to see what interests them this time.

Throughout my life, I've outgrown a lot of things.  Not necessarily things that indicate immaturity, though hopefully I've outgrown a lot of those, too.  There are just interests--even careers--that I can proudly say:  "I used to......" 

We adults have to be constantly assessing our own new "toys" or objects or beliefs or ideas or activities that work for us.  Boredom is the ultimate sign of dysfunctional aging, I believe. 

It's obvious that I'm not going to grow old without physical pain, but I plan to grow old without the pain of boredom.  It appears that the grandkids are going to do their best to see that I do!

Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 12:01 AM CST

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