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Thu 01/17/2008
Rules vs. Principles
Topic: Making Decisions

The rules have changed, some people say. When it comes to what constitutes abuse, that is. The rules have changed. Just as the rules about slavery have changed.

The principles have NOT changed. As Malcolm X reminds us. “Wrong is wrong no matter who does it or says it.”

Slavery was wrong, no matter what the manmade rules were regarding slavery. Even in New Testament days when the writers made it appear to not be wrong. It was. Check it out. Does Jesus give us any teachings that would condone slavery? Correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t believe he did.

You may recall that people very quickly began twisting and reorganizing Jesus’ teachings to fit them into something acceptable for the culture. Rules change. Principles do not. 

If we stop at the law, Jesus taught, we do not measure up to Kingdom standards.  We have to use standards that are higher.  It's not about "what we can get by with."  It's about what is right because it comes from a very pure heart, something none of us ever can claim, try as we might.

George Washington was a slave master. He was also a gambler who was deeply in debt because of his gambling. Most likely a mental health professional, after an in-depth interview, would probably declare him to be a compulsive gambler, based on documents now uncovered by historians.

In spite of this he managed to do some remarkable things. He showed courage as a general. He sacrificed greatly. Most of all, he spoke out against the institution of slavery at times while holding those back who wanted to take action to abolish it. And just speaking, in that day, was an act of courage that could have cost him his life!!

Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 12:01 AM CST

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