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Mon 01/14/2008
No Exceptions
Topic: Making Decisions

In keeping with what I've recently written about oppression and the Jewish community comes a strong reminder from Malcolm X:

"Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it." 

No exemptions.

In the days to come, I'll be going deeper into this line of thought.  Taking off with a man we've all been taught to adore.  A man who appears to have fully embraced the concept of freedom from oppression.

In this examination, George Washington will teach us lessons that our history books never did.  Showing how one's choices can continue to reverberate long after death.   Demonstrating how these results are multiplied with power, depending upon how the power is exercised.

I think you'll be surprised.  Some of the surprises may not be so welcome.  Yet they may lead you to formulate some personal insights as revolutionary as the American Revolution itself.

Posted by Dee Ann Miller at 1:49 PM CST

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